Subcontract Climbing

Sawing High Climbers builds strong relationships with local top-notch tree firms to provide the highest quality tree care.

In addition to working directly with homeowners, our climber Russell Plumb provides top-quality contract climbing to tree firms of all sizes, bringing with him 19 years of experience, comprehensive insurance, a full climbing and rigging kit, and saws.

Our tree firm clients use subcontractors as an on-demand solution for a surge in work from large contracts or storms, or to fill gaps in skilled in-house climbers.

Advantages to hiring a contract climber include:

  • Experience. Russell has extensive experience working in a wide variety of circumstances and locations. He gets up to speed rapidly and fits in quickly with other crew members. And he bring years of experience to every job, for reliable, skilled, safe labor.
  • Insurance. Sawing High Climbers, LLC carries our own workers’ compensation and general liability insurance policy. We will provide a certificate upon request.
  • Tools & personal protective equipment. We prioritize safety. Russell regularly inspects and maintains all climbing, rigging, cutting gear and tools, which he takes to every job.  He wears personal protective equipment and expects his co-workers to do the same. Russell is also CPR & AED certified (American Heart Association, 2019).
  • Flexibility. Contract climbing is an on-demand labor supply. We fit in with your needs and schedule.