Russell in the Sharon Oak.Pruning

The most common way to care for a tree is by pruning, using methods such as deadwooding, thinning, lifting, and reducing. Pruning is generally done to maintain the health and structure of a tree, to reduce shade and wind resistance, to influence fruit or flower production, to ensure the safety of people and property around the tree, and/or to improve tree aesthetics. But improper pruning can result in permanent damage. It’s critical to know which stems and branches to remove and how to cut them properly. In the US, pruning must be performed according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 standards.

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Russell dismantling a cottonwoodDismantles and Rigging

There are many reasons why a tree may have to be taken down. If it is dead, dying, or damaged, it may cause a risk to people and/or property, and sometimes the safest option is to remove it altogether. In some cases, a tree can be felled from the bottom, but more often it needs to be dismantled piece by piece. Typically, ropes are used to lower these pieces down in a controlled manner to avoid damage to surrounding landscaping and buildings.

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Crane being used to dismantle a large oak.Crane Jobs

Sometimes a tree that needs to be dismantled is not strong enough to withstand the load of rigging, or to be safe for climbing. In other cases, a tree’s size or location might mean that removing dismantled pieces from a property by hand will take excessive manpower and time. In these situations, it can be necessary and/or more cost effective to use a crane to assist with dismantling and removal.

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Tree stump carved by Russell into mushrooms.Carvings and Alternatives to Stump Removal

When a tree is felled or dismantled, a stump is left behind. Typically, these stumps are either left to decay or ground into mulch with a stump grinder. But Russell has taken to carving stumps into mushrooms, creating a work of art that changes over time. Often, live mushrooms sprout from the wood, and regrowth appears, lending new life to a piece of nature. If you are interested in having Russell carve a mushroom for you, please contact us.

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